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Book Designed

Now to paginate and create negatives for the image-pac creation tomorrow.


Quick concept sketch

A quick concept sketch for the cover of the Empress of ice cream whilst having a break from hybrid.

Just Because…

I felt like it should be done…

Hybrid Instructions First Few Illustrations

For the Hybrid project i am creating a book that prints a book this book being the instruction manual on how to make the Hybrid book.

Here are the first few illustrations for the stamps that will be printing the pages.

Materials needed…

Cutting the wood to size…

The final book and how it unfolds….

Test Printing

I thought i would upload a few images of the tests i did, whilst trying to see the printing capabilities of diffenrt materals whalst printing on both sides of the paper at the same time. These prints are part of a hybrid book project from university.

Lino cuts (the poor prints are due to rushed printing and using old inks that had almost dried up)

Rubber Stamp prints

Laser cut type to see how fine a laser cuter could go… it really didn’t like 8pt script

Playing With Cameras

Here are some photos i took whilst playing around with taking pictures on one camera thought the open back/ view finder of the other. Enjoy!

Photo Used

My photo was used as the front image for the conference i took part in on cultural diversity.

(my photo middle left)

six theory’s one body finally finished

just need to print now!

Or how about eyes?

Cheeky Shop

Would it make a totally mechanised shop more endearing? if it seemed like it was playful and a personality of its own?

e.g sticks its tong out at you after every time you use it?